What is Debt Settlement?

We provide Legal Debt Resolution Services.  That’s right, we provide legal advice to assist in determining your best options!  Unlike non-attorney firm based companies, we will not force you into a one size fits all repayment plan if it is not your best option.  We handle almost every aspect of debt resolution including debt settlement, Litigation Defense, and Bankruptcy.

Non lawyer debt companies cannot and will not provide legal advice.  They will pigeon hole you into their area of expertise, convince you that is what you need, and likely charge you more than we will.  And they aren’t even licensed attorneys!


We will meet with you face to face and we will enter into a legal services agreement.  You will have the ability to work directly with an attorney throughout the process.  If something changes, call us, lets re-evaluate your facts and change course if we have to.  We are here to help and protect your best interests.


Unlike a traditional debt settlement company our attorneys work directly with our clients to determine their best options.  It may be that Debt Settlement is the way to go, it may not be.  Either way you will have the benefit of a licensed attorney providing legal advice, something a regular debt settlement company cannot legally undertake.  Our team will work on your behalf with your creditors to strike a deal.  We will provide you with the best legal protection possible in the event that a dishonest creditor attempts to re-age or otherwise begin collection activity in the future.

Debt Litigation

If the debt has made its way through the collection process and is now at the lawsuit stage call us right away!  We have worked with most of the Louisiana-based creditor law firms.  Moreover, if the debt is invalid or if you otherwise have a strong defense it may make sense to actively defend the debt on your behalf.  The bottom line is that if litigation is necessary and is your best option we are willing and able to assist.


Your last option.  Like it or not this may be your best financial option.  It may be your only option.  Bankruptcy is complex and has many pitfalls for the uneducated.  There are a number of nuances that are fact specific to you!  Unlike other attorneys who only practice in bankruptcy we are able to evaluate your entire situation and determine your best options.  We have not and will not ever engage in high pressure tactics.  Moreover, depending on the complexity of your case, Bankruptcy might be one step in the process before we engage in other negotiations.  At the end of the day we are on your side and want to help you.